About GMP+ International

Everyone, no matter where they are in the world, should have access to safe food. Through our consistent focus on uniform standards across the entire feed production chain, GMP+ International is bringing global feed safety one step closer every single day.

About us

In 1992, after several serious incidents caused by contaminated feed materials, the Dutch feed industry decided to establish a certification scheme for feed safety: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This was the start of our journey in making a real difference to feed and food safety worldwide.

The largest scheme

We are proud of what we have built over the last 25+ years. Without the devotion and input of numerous companies, colleagues and partners all over the world, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme would never have developed into what it is today … A fully-fledged and widely respected scheme that covers almost the entire feed chain.

“Our GMP+ Feed Certification scheme is the most complete feed scheme in the world, covering every stage of the feed supply chain. We update it regularly to keep it suitable for companies that operate in a rapidly changing environment. The most recent update, to the GMP+ FC scheme with #ProjectGMP+2020, is the result of close cooperation between GMP+ International and the experts at many different companies and Certification Bodies. This connection with our community makes me very proud. This is how we contribute to Feed Safety Worldwide together." Johan den Hartog, Business Development Director.

We are active in over 87 countries, work with 32 accepted Certification Bodies and have 32 partners (not to mention multiple partnerships) worldwide. In recent years, we have enjoyed year-on-year growth of 10 percent. In 2020, we even welcomed the 18-thousandth GMP+ certified company!

A unique approach

Our leading schemes contain clear standards and requirements to guarantee safe feed (FSA) and responsible work methods (FRA) throughout the chain. They do not just take into account production facilities, but also storage, transport, personnel and procedures. This chain approach makes the GMP+ certification scheme unique in its field. With the integration of ISO standards, HACCP and other elements, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme guarantees not only safety, but also reliability, quality and sustainability.

Our certificate

A GMP+ certificate is seen as a license to sell your product in all four corners of the globe. Affiliated organisations benefit from full support and have access to databases, newsletters, courses, seminars and the GMP+ Helpdesk. Curious to find out all about the benefits?