Add our + to your career

‘You like to eat chicken wings. But what did the chicken eat?’ This is the question you will help the world to answer by choosing a career at GMP+ international. As part of our relatively small team, you play a crucial role in our quest to improve feed safety worldwide. Which means an improvement in everybody’s food safety, and therefore their wellbeing.


We are proud of the global impact of our small organisation. We manage the world’s largest feed certification scheme and have more than 25 years of experience – and we are not stopping there!

At GMP+ International you collaborate worldwide with relevant stakeholders to share valuable information and optimise our scheme. You use your expertise to ensure that more and more companies across the entire value chain are committed to safe feed.

Of course, you do not do this by yourself. You are surrounded by all-round professionals with expert abilities and boundless curiosity. We are all committed to continuously improving our processes and services – not to mention ourselves. The work is dynamic and no one is bound to a specific role. This makes every day different and exciting. The open culture within the organisation, coupled with the endless development opportunities, ensures you get to learn something new every day – while having loads of fun with your colleagues and making a difference to feed and food safety worldwide.

However, a career at GMP+ International has more benefits than this. A whole lot more. Discover them all. Jaap (Project coordinator), Els (Manager standard FSP) and Joris (Senior marketeer) proudly share their +++.

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