Team Manager Scheme

You like to eat chicken. But what did the chicken eat?                                                                  32-38 hours | Master’s degree | Feed industry | Operating from Rijswijk

Team Manager Scheme

Food safety starts with feed safety starts with you!

You understand what our customers need to contribute to safe feed. You’re responsible for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, its content, and the way it’s implemented all over the world. Your knowledge of the feed market allows you to quickly pick up on (internal and external) signals and convert them into opportunities. This role is all about seizing these opportunities and working with your team to add value for our customers.

At every step of the process, you’ll coach your team members and encourage them to take initiative and responsibility. It’s your job to always focus on the bigger picture and to ensure that there is close collaboration with other teams of GMP+ International and the experts in our industry.

Being in close contact with industry representatives means you’re on top of the latest developments and at the forefront of the global feed safety dialogue. GMP+ International is in the middle of an exciting growth phase, and you’ll be given the opportunity to further develop its leading feed safety role. We would love to embark on this process with you.

These are your +++

  • You know the feed market inside out, and are quick to identify challenges and opportunities and convert them into added value for our customers.
  • You get a kick out of delivering a plan or product that helps our customers to achieve their feed safety goals. And you make sure that organisational goals become a reality too.
  • You understand that achieving the best solutions entails leaving room for other people’s ideas. You’re firm when necessary and supportive wherever possible.
  • You enjoy expanding your professional network.
  • You get energy from colleagues who go the extra mile every day. The whole team has a drive to perform – and you are the engine.
  • You love coaching your team members, discovering and utilising their talents to ensure that everyone delivers the right contribution to the common goal.
  • You relish the challenge of building a team where everyone can rely on each other and there’s also room for fun.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Dutch. Knowledge of other European languages (German, French, Spanish) is an advantage.

The +++ of working at GMP+ International

  • You’ll work 32 to 38 hours per week and enjoy an attractive compensation package.
  • You’ll be joining the largest global player in the field of feed safety. Our considerable experience will empower you to make a difference to the world and yourself.
  • You’ll work in a small organisation with an informal environment, where your ideas are always valued and your input into improving the role and your team of 12 persons is actively sought.
  • You’re part of the team; together we work towards concrete goals.
  • You’ll be given a lot of freedom to give substance and meaning to your work.
  • You’ll enter an organisation that embraces a hybrid way of working, where we enjoy being together at the office in Rijswijk (appr. 60% of the time) but you are also given the freedom to work from home (appr. 40% of the time).

Meet (y)our colleagues

As a Team Manager Scheme, you’re part of the Team Scheme & Customer Services which is responsible for the content of the ‘scheme documents’ (GMP + FC standards) and the development of products that support companies before and during the GMP+ certification process.

You’ll report to the Management Team and will work in tandem with the Team Manager Customer Service, Els. During her career at GMP+ international, she’s faced loads of exiting challenges and opportunities to make a real difference to the scheme, the organisation, and herself. The balance of professionalism, respect for each other’s positions and fun has kept her motivated and inspired to get to work every day. Want to hear more about her career at GMP+ International? Contact her directly via +31 6 52 57 10 65. She’d love to chat.

Is this what you call a career+?

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