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C documents

The C documents contain the rules for acceptance of new Certification Bodies and the personnel that will be involved in the audits.

In addition, these documents discuss the method and criteria based on which it is determined whether or not the bodies meet the GMP+ Integrity Policy. They also discuss the rules that need to be observed in the implementation of audits, such as frequency, duration of an audit and the criteria during an audit. After reading the C documents, the role of the Certification Bodies within the GMP+ certification scheme must be clear for all parties.

C - Certification and Supervision

GMP+ C4 Tariff 2019 (version 01-01-2019)
- Explanatory notes to GMP+ C4 - Tariff 2019
GMP+ C4 Tariff 2020 (version 01-01-2020)
        - Explanatory notes to GMP+ C4 - Tariff 2020
GMP+ C6 Assessment and Certification Criteria for GMP+ Certification – Process Certification (version 14-06-2019) 
GMP+ C7 Assessment and certification/ inspection criteria for GMP+ certification/ inspection -additional/specific scopes (version 04-04-2019/corr.24-04-2019) 
GMP+ C10 Acceptation requirements and Procedure for Certification Bodies (version 04-04-2019/corr.24-04-2019/corr. 17-09-2019)
GMP+ C11 Method of and Criteria for the Compliance Assessment of Certification Bodies (version 01-07-2018)
GMP+ C12 Assessment and Certification Criteria for GMP+ Certification (version 01-08-2015)

C - Checklists
Checklist GMP+ MI101 RTRS Mass Balance
Checklist GMP+ MI101 RTRS Segregation
Checklist GMP+ MI102 Responsible Pig & Poultry Feed
Checklist GMP+ MI103 Responsible Dairy Feed
Checklist GMP+ MI105 GMO Controlled

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