B documents

The A, B and D documents of GMP+ International provide companies – both certified companies and companies interested in certification – with all relevant information about the GMP+ certification scheme: from general conditions to implementation.

In the B documents you'll find the normative documents, annexes and the country notes, this relates to FSA.
Previous version of the documents below can be consulted here.

B - Standards

GMP+ B1 Production, Trade and Services (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B1.2 Production, Trade & Services - Additional requirements for ISO22000:2005/PAS222:2011 (version 01.07.2018)
GMP+ B2 Production of Feed Ingredients (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B3 Trade, Collection and Storage & Transshipment (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B3.2 Trade to Livestock Farms (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B4 Transport (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B4.3 Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport (version 01.07.2018) 
GMP+ B8 Production of and Trade in Pet Foods (version 01.04.2019) 
GMP+ B10 Laboratory testing (version 01.04.2016)
GMP+ B11 Protocol for GMP+ registration for Laboratories (version 04.06.2019)


GMP+ BA1 Specific feed safety limits (version 17.09.2019) 
GMP+ BA2 Control of residues (version 01.04.2019)
GMP+ BA3 Minimum Requirements Negative List (version 08.03.2018) 
GMP+ BA4 Minimum Requirements for Sampling and Analysis (version 01.07.2018) 
        - Aflatoxin B1 protocol (version 05.08.2019)
        - Aflatoxin B1 protocol (version 23.09.2019)
GMP+ BA5 Minimum Requirements EWS (version 01.07.2018) Decision tree
GMP+ BA6 Minimum Requirements for Labelling & Delivery (version 01.04.2019/corr.24.04.2019) 

          - Annex 1: List with approved GMP+ declarations (update September 2019)
GMP+ BA7 Specific requirements for by-products from the Oil & Fat Industry (version 01.04.2019/corr.15.07.2019)

GMP+ BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing (version 2706.2019)​  
GMP+ BA11 Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories  (version 04.06.2019)
GMP+ BA13 Minimum Requirements for Sampling (version 01.01.2015/corr. 01.04.2016)

GMP+ International has published proposed changes to the GMP+ FSA module on the website.

In accordance with the procedure for adjustments to the GMP+ FSA module, all proposed changes are published on the website for public consultation.

It concerns the following document.

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You can find the reaction form here. All GMP+ participants are invited to view the proposed changes and to respond to them via the form available to this end.
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After this date, the comments will be processed in a final concept which will then be submitted for approval to the International Expert Committee.

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