If – due to an exceptional situation – a GMP+ participant is unable to meet (one of) the GMP+ requirements, it is possible to request an (temporary) exemption from GMP+ International.

An exceptional situation for which an exemption can be requested includes: 

  • a special production method;
  • a temporary situation;
  • the purchase of a special product that is not available in the GMP+ chain;
  • the purchase from a non-certified supplier;
  • production or purchase of feed materials of which no risk assessment has been included in the product list of the Feed Support Products (FSP) yet
  • purchase of former foodstuffs;
  • for production of test feed with, for instance, a new feed material.

Exemptions for the purchase of former foodstuffs and for the production of test feed are issued for a longer period of time. All other exemptions are temporary in nature and apply for a period during which the GMP+ participant works on a solution. 

Read the full criteria here (PDF).

Application Exemption

Application of (temporary) exemption regarding Feed Certification scheme

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