Public Consultation of FRA

After more than two years of listening, reviewing, writing and re-writing, together with the Working Group and various stakeholders we are excited to share with you another part of the results of #ProjectGMP+2020. In response to comments and feedback from our community, the GMP+ FRA module has undergone a renewal, which follows the same structure and approach as the GMP+ FSA renewal. GMP+ FRA and GMP+ FSA are both part of #ProjectGMP+2020.

How to take part in the Public Consultation of the GMP+ FRA module

We encourage you to give your feedback and opinion on the proposed documents. Via the link below you will open a web-form in a new tab-window. With this form, you can submit your feedback on the documents which you can find below. 

On which elements can you give feedback? 

- Structure of the GMP+ FRA Module

- One general part with Feed Responsibility Management Requirements

- Market Initiatives

- General feedback

- Other feedback, not related to the topics above

When are you able to participate? 

The Public Consultation will start on June, 16th 2020 and will end on July 8th, 2020. This means you have a three-week period to provide your feedback. 

How are we going to process your Public Consultation feedback

Every comment we receive will be thoughtfully examined conform the scheme principles of the #ProjectGMP+2020. Proposals for improvements will be reviewed by the Working Group and validated by the International Expert Committee. This will result in the final GMP+ FRA module. Please keep in mind to keep it relevant, to the point and constructive. You will find additional information about the Public Consultation in the FAQ and in the Memo more detailed description of the changes.

We highly value your opinion, because only by working together we can achieve Feed Safety & Responsibility Worldwide.

R 5.0 Feed Responsibility Management System Requirements 
MI 5.1 Production and trade of RTRS soy
MI 5.2 Responsible pig and poultry feed
MI 5.3 Responsible dairy feed
MI 5.4 GMO controlled