So you want to be part of our growing global feed safety community? Great choice. As a GMP+ certified company, you not only contribute to a safe feed chain, but you also improve your business position and profile.


We cannot realise ‘Feed Safety Worldwide’ without the dedication of each and every company in the feed chain. Your efforts matter: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

‘Licence to sell’

A GMP+ certificate confirms that your feed safety risk management system lives up to the highest industry standards. This is not just good news for feed safety, it also means business. Since the GMP+ FSA standard is recognised worldwide, a certificate acts as 'license to sell' a in a growing number of countries.


But there’s more. As part of our global GMP+ Community, you get access to a wide range of services.

Our GMP+ Helpdesk and GMP+ Registered Consultants are always available for support. In addition, our GMP+ Academy gives you the opportunity to expand feed safety knowledge and awareness within your company.

Be prepared

Realise that becoming GMP+ certified takes serious time and effort. First familiarise yourself with the structure of the FC scheme and the different scopes for which you can be certified. Once you have determined which scope applies to your company, you can start implementing it by setting up the necessary procedures. GMP+ Registered Consultants are there to guide you along the way.

Independent auditing

Once you are confident that your system meets the GMP+ FC scheme standards, a Certification Body will arrange an audit. While GMP+ International owns and manages the FC scheme, certificates are issued by independent Certification Bodies. If your company successfully completes this audit, you will receive the certificate and enjoy the benefits of being part of our worldwide feed safety community!