Apply for certification

The certification scheme of GMP+ International has two elements: Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA), for safe feed and Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA), for a sustainable work method. Steps towards applying for GMP+ Feed Certification.

1. Select the relevant GMP+ Requirements 

Read the Framework, and the R 1.0 Feed Safety Management Systems Requirements and select the relevant one.

2. Analyse your feed safety management system

This consists of implementing rules and procedures aimed towards controlling feed safety. Some of which include defining tasks and responsibility, instruction for production, cleaning and setting up quality manuals. A feed safety system enables companies to trace a batch of feed put on the market as well as the production history.

3. Select a Certification Body

To apply for certification contact a Certification Body. You'll find all GMP+ International accepted Certification Bodies per region on here. Your company will sign a contract directly with the Certification Body to conduct audits.

4. The Certification Body will conduct an audit

The audit will be performed soon after application. An audit consists of an assessment of the documentation and an on-site audit. After a positive assessment, the Certification Body will issue a GMP+ certificate and your company will get access to all GMP+ Scheme Advantages.

Do you have any questions?
If you have questions about the certification process, please contact your Certification Body or Registered Consultant
Do you have questions about the GMP+ Scheme or general requirements please contact our Helpdesk.