‘GMP+ FSA greatly benefits our reputation’

Thursday, September 19, 2019

MEGAMIX, founded in 1999 with its headquarter in Volgograd, Russia, is the biggest premix and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates producer in Russia. The company owns two state-of-the art premix factories, one in Volgograd, the other in the Lipetsk region, with a total annual production capacity of 180,000 mt. MEGAMIX’s premix output accounts for over 10 million tons of compound feed produced in Russia every year.


Name: Frizen Vasily
Company: MEGAMIX
Location: Russia
Certified since: 2019
Certified for : GMP+ B4 and GMP+ B1

“Our customers are small farms from the biggest agricultural holdings in Russia and abroad”, says Frizen Vasily, Managing Director of MEGAMIX. “As a production company, occupying the first the link in food chain, we attach paramount importance to quality and safety of our products. Furthermore, over the past several years it has become an on-going trend with our end-users to ask for safeguards with regard to quality and safety management systems. We have proven to conform to ISO 9001, and now the next step forward has been made towards GMP+ feed certification”.

“We seriously started considering GMP+ FSA certification a few years ago. Our business partners in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands shared their experiences with GMP+ FSA and the role it played in gaining trust of their customers. We met with a GMP+ Registered Consultant, who further explained the benefits of GMP+ FSA to us. Since the GMP+FSA requirements regarding feed safety and quality are completely in line with our corporate philosophy and mentality that we have practiced as a premix producer over 15 years. We realized that GMP+ FSA certification would be a trusted confirmation and testimony of reliability of our safety and quality management systems. It would help enhance our sales in markets abroad too”.

“I appreciate the support we have received from GMP+ International before, during and after the application process. The GMP+ auditors that consulted and audited our enterprise are very qualified and extremely helpful. That’s important, because the first steps towards feed certification turned out to be not that easy, and the process itself is by far not effortless. Besides, we were going to become a pioneer on the premix market by getting certified in accordance with GMP+FSA”.

“At MEGAMIX we realize that our products stand at the very beginning of food chain and ensuring safe production is of crucial importance to our business. Now that we follow and comply with GMP+ FSA requirements, we can guarantee that our products are safe for both animals and humans.

Hopefully, in the near future, we will be exporting to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, GMP+FSA certification is an essential pre-requisite for that. We strongly believe that this strategic step will be an impetus to our business growth”.