‘GMP+ certification gives us peace of mind’

Friday, August 20, 2021

Nanta, a Nutreco company, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of compound feeds on the Iberian Peninsula. Founded in 1968, Nanta owns 22 state-of-the-art production plants and produces over 200 feed products for a wide variety of animals.


Name: Teresa Rodríguez Verdasco
Company: Nanta (Nutreco)
Location: Iberian Peninsula
Certified since: 19/6/2020
Certified by: DNV Business Assurance B.V.

“Feed and food safety is part of Nanta’s DNA, inseparable from our dedication to quality. It is the primary principle and objective of our company. This impels us to establish control procedures and measures at each stage of the production chain.”

“We take great pride in being pioneers in the field of quality and feed safety in the animal feed sector. We are a Nutreco company. As such, all of our plants were already certified under several food safety schemes. By adding GMP+ FSA certification, we further strengthened our safety leadership role in the composite feed sector. It is another guarantee of the safety of our products, and also enables us to supply to other GMP+ FSA certified companies.”

“GMP+ certification gives us peace of mind. Because of GMP+ International’s chain approach, we know that from the reception of the ingredients in our factories, we start out our production process with the highest possible safety assurance. Feed production involves the entire global chain, so we need the transparency, rigor and truthfulness provided by certifications such as GMP+.”

“One of the purposes of GMP+ is to build the necessary trust between businesses and consumers. Especially in times like these, with health, social and economic crises affecting all countries and industries, the feed and food chain as a whole has to ensure the safety of its products.”

“We also appreciate the additional services GMP+ International offers, like workshops and webinars. And not just for the information and training. They give us the chance to interact with other GMP+ certified companies, to share experiences and build relationships that enrich us professionally.”

“With GMP+ certification all our processes became even more demanding, adding more concrete, precise requirements that leads to a robust, internalised commitment to feed safety.”