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Overview Certification Bodies

GMP+ International works with over 30 Certification Bodies across the globe.

Via this link you'll find the overview of the Certifcation Bodies (CBs) for GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA in our Portal. Below general information.

If you wish to become a Certification Body for GMP+ International, please click here for more information.


Logo Name Continent
  AGRIZERT Zertifizierungs GmbH Europe
Baltic Control Certification Baltic Control Certification Europe
  Bureau Veritas Inspection and Certification Nederland

Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East

   Certis Europe, Africa
   Control Union Certifications BV  Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia
Cotecna Inspection India Pvt. Ltd. Asia, Netherlands
   Dekra Certification BV Europe
Dekra Certification GmbH  Europe
   DNV-GL Bussiness Assurance BV Worldwide 
DQS CFS GmbH Deutsch  Europe, North America
         DQS Polska sp. z o.o. Europe, South America, Africa, Asia
   Guardis International Certifications GmbH  Europe
   HSL Certification Services Asia
IFTA AG Europe
             Intertek s.r.o. China, Europe, North America
ISA Cert BV  Europe
Kiwa Nederland BV  Europe, Asia
  LGA InterCert Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH  Europe, Asia, Middle East
LL-C Certification Czech Republic a.s.  Czech Republic
Lloyd's Registered Quality Assurance  Worldwide
Navonus NV  Europe
OHMI Eurocert  Europe
Qlip BV  Netherlands
Schouten Certification  Europe, Australia, North America, Africa, Asia, South America
Schutter Group  Europe, South America, Asia, North America
SGS Product & Process Certification Worldwide
   SGS Agriculture Food and Life Europe
   SGS Germany GmbH Europe, Australia
Sucofindo SBU Commodity and Trade Solution  Asia
TUV Sud Management Service GmbH  Europe, Asia
TUV Nord Europe, South America, Asia
  TUV Nord Czech s.r.o.  Europe, South America, Asia
United Registrar of Systems GmbH Europe, North America
SVG Zertifizierungsdienst GmbH Europe


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