Expert Committees

GMP+ International seeks advice from the International Expert Committee and various subcommittees. These contain representatives from the feed chain.

For the success of our certification scheme, it is crucial for GMP+ International to be in continuous touch with the sector. The International Expert Committee (IEC) provides in this. Although the outlines of GMP+ scheme are rock solid after more than 25 years, the sector frequently submits questions, suggestions or comments about the practice, or feasibility of specific elements. 


It is the task of the subcommittees to gather and analyze this feedback. There are five subcommittees

There is also a Technical Committee Feed Support Products. The overarching International Expert Committee issues advice to GMP+ International. If this advice is adopted, a Change (general) or a Country Note (for a specific country) is published.

Join our committees

As member of our committees, you will be sure that your voice will be heard. All parties from the feed chain can sign up as partner. GMP+ International encourages processing companies, industry associations and other parties to sign up as partner and to participate in a committee. The broader the composition, the more representative the advice. Your expertise is more than wanted in one of the five subcommittees: Certification & Compliance, Production, Trade & Collection, Transport and Responsible Feed. The committees gather several times a year. After registration, you will be contacted.

Meeting schedule

The International Expert Committee and the subcommittees gather several times a year to discuss adjustments to and improvements of the GMP+ certification scheme. Click here to download the meeting schedule in pdf. If you have any questions about how the committees work, please contact GMP+ International.