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Other scheme holders

With the exception of QS and pastus+ certified companies, GMP+ International does not have lists of companies that qualify this way to deliver the feed to GMP+ certified companies.

To that end, we refer to the websites of the relevant scheme holders described below. 

Feed Safety Assurance Schemes

Organization Country Website

Feed Chain Alliance standaard
(GMP Dierenvoeders)

Ovocom Belgium Website
FEMAS AIC United Kingdom Website
UFAS AIC United Kingdom Website
TASCC AIC United Kingdom Website
CSA Incograin France Website
EFISC-GTP Coceral Europe Website
Qualimat Qualimat France Website
FAMI-QS FAMI-QS Europe Website
QS QS Germany Website
pastus+  AMA-Marketing Austria Link to list of pastus+
participants who are compatible
with the GMP+-scheme
OQUALIM-RCNA   OQUALIM  France  Link ​to OQUALIM-RCNA International
participants  (Select Checkbox RCNA International)
Hygienecode Aardappelsorteerders
& Verpakkers
NAO The Netherlands Website
Diverse Nederlands Teeltschema's Bo Akkerbouw The Netherlands Website
Hygienecode voor Boederijzuivel-bereiding Bond Boederijzuivel-bereiders The Netherlands Website
Hygienecode voor Brood- en Banketbakkerij NBC The Netherlands Website
IKKB Vegaplan.be Belgium Website
EFISC EFISC Europe Website
Partners Organisation Country  Website 
Round Table Responsible Soy RTRS Argentinia Website
Stichting Milieukeur SMK The Netherlands Website
Duurzaam Zuivelketen Duurzame Zuivelketen The Netherlands Website


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