QS database

Publication of GMP+ certified companies in the QS database 

To ensure continued transparency throughout the supply chain within the QS scheme, every GMP+ certified company that wants to supply QS certified companies must register in the QS database. In the manual is explained how you can register. 

Publication of QS certified companies in the GMP+ company database 

QS certified companies that want to deliver to GMP+ certified companies, must indicate this in the QS database. As a result of an automatic transfer of data from the QS database to the GMP+ Company database, QS certified companies that choose to supply products or services to GMP+ certified companies are published in the GMP+ Company database. 

A registration fee is charged for the QS-certified producers of compound feed and premixtures. More information is available in GMP+ C4 Tariffs. For this reason, QS-certified manufacturers of compound feeds and premixtures must fill out an application form containing their invoice details.

The QS certified companies that are authorized to deliver within the GMP+ FC scheme, are published under the tab “Other certification schemes”, in the GMP+ Company database.