GMP+ Registered Services

Together with the GMP+ Community, we strive for Feed Safety Worldwide. This goal, and shared responsibility, is something we can only achieve when the entire feed chain commits to safe feed. However, no one has to do this on their own without support.

For the GMP+ Community, we, GMP+ International, have developed various means of support materials. Our existing Feed Support Products for example, are tools to provide aid in either to help meeting requirements from the GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA modules or give support in processing data and information relevant to their business.  

Introducing GMP+ Registered Service

The animal feed chain businesses need to manage constant changes on the feed market. Innovations and services are continuously improving and adapting to an ever changing and dynamic global market. With our global collaborations in the feed market we see that services and products are being brought to life that can contribute to safe feed but sometimes lack the distribution channels or industry approvement to bring this to the right end user. Services that ensure efficient maintenance and improvement of feed safety management systems. These services will also contribute to the use of standardized and uniform modes of operation in the feed supply chain.

With the introduction of GMP+ Registered Service we want to bring these innovations closer to this end user within the GMP+ Community. Business who meet the requirements stated in the GMP+ Registered Services Regulations are approved to endorse their services with the GMP+ Registered Services-logo. This enables them to market their services for the GMP+ Community, while meeting the high level of feed safety assurance.

This program results in double harvest:

  1. service providers registered in our program can benefit of our network and support in communication and
  2. companies in the GMP+ Community can benefit of these services in their daily feed safety management operations.  

Interested in signing up? Start by reading the regulations

Businesses meeting the terms, conditions and requirements stipulated in the GMP+ Registered Service Regulations, are encouraged to sign up via this application form. Please contact Olyn San Miguel from our Business Development team to get more information.

Area of Expertise

bulkvision GmbH
Hans-Dieter Philipowski

Area of Expertise
  • Transport (road)

Consilium Tronina Przemyslaw
mr. Przemyslaw Tronina

Product: Certag
(Authentication System for
Certified Feed Transport)

Area of Expertise
  • Transport
  • Worldwide
Control Union Argentina

Control Union Argentina 
Agustin Busquier

The following services are available:

  • Inspections and Sampling of Agricultural Commodities
  • Loading Compartment Inspections
  • Weight Control of Agricultural Commodities
  • Argentina
Euroamerica Group SA

Euroamerica Group SA
Manuel Buzzi

Specially on technical specifications:

  • Prerequisite programme
  • Sampling
  • Monitoring
  • Transport Activities
  • Operational Activities (storage)
Area of Expertise
  • Production of Feed Materials
  • Production of Compound feed and / or Premixtures
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chili
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • the Netherlands
  • Uruguay
Feed Guard

Andras Pek

Product: Software called FeedGuard® to enhance the operation of the companies in the agricultural sector. Its modular structure allows it to be used by organisations of any size and activity. FeedGuard® can support 97 work processes, all of which save time, money and energy. It is a complex administrative solution which is even able to support all tasks related to feed milling, certainly corresponding with all requirements related to the product safety systems. The software is growingly spread on the market, the greatest users are: UBM, Baromficoop, Pannonia Ethanol, Bábolna Tetra

  • Worldwide