GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

With the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020, you are contributing to the global assurance of feed safety. GMP stands for "Good Manufacturing Practices" and the + for the integration of HACCP ("Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points"). The certification scheme is the result of close cooperation between GMP+ International and companies in the sector. 

Feed Certification Scheme 2020

As the holder of a GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA certificate, you are part of a growing and committed community of 18,000 companies around the world.

GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies have a very solid reputation worldwide in terms of safety and reliability. Thanks to proven working methods, they enjoy the trust of both customers and suppliers.

The strength of the scheme lies in its unique chain approach. GMP+ certified companies do business with companies which are likewise certified. Because everyone works according to the same proven standards, a uniform chain is created, from collection to processing.

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020 consists of two modules:

You can be certified for GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA or for both parts.

Besides contributing to safe animal feed – and therefore to safe food – the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 has various other benefits. For example, GMP+ certification opens new doors for doing business, both at home and abroad. After all, you are part of the GMP+ community, a worldwide network of companies dedicated to safe animal feed.

The scheme combines clear standards with flexible interpretation; companies make their own choices on how to achieve the objectives set. The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 is also interchangeable with other certification schemes and compatible with local legislation.

The figure below illustrates our circular approach, in which we work together as a single global community to create safe and responsible animal feed.

The principles of our scheme 

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020 is based on six basic principles:

  1. Ensuring a high level of global feed safety
  2. Primary responsibility rests with the certified company
  3. Certified companies share responsibility
  4. Connect as a scheme with internationally accepted standards
  5. Commitment and transparency
  6. Certification by independent Certification Bodies

Feed safety is in the hands of a global chain. As a link in that chain, you bear your own responsibility. Our internationally accepted standards ensure a safe and transparent chain. Independent certification guarantees the fair award of certificates and the assurance of safe animal feed at each company.

The place of legislation in our scheme

The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 is not a substitute for national/international laws and regulations. Every company, certified or not, is bound by applicable national/international and local laws on feed safety.

In the event that legislation is less strict than the scheme, or in the absence of legislation, the requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme have primacy. This approach enables a high degree of feed safety assurance to be achieved in all countries.

Requirements for the buyer

Every company in the animal feed industry is part of the food chain. The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 contains clear standards and requirements for achieving safe animal feed and thereby contributing to safe food of animal origin. Individual companies may wish to take additional measures for the assurance of feed safety. These are permitted as long as they do not impede compliance with the GMP+ FC scheme 2020. The universal nature of the scheme means that it does not prescribe what should be done in individual cases. This leaves room for individual choices and tailored solutions.