GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

The GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+ FC) scheme offers uniform international standards for the production of safe feed. GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification proves to your customers and suppliers that you contribute to a safe feed chain. As a GMP+ certified company, you gain access to a wide range of unique industry related benefits.

GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme consists of two modules:

Your company can be certified for GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA or for both.

A growing community

As a GMP+ certified company, you are part of a growing and committed GMP+ Community of over 19,000 companies in 87 countries. GMP+ certified companies enjoy a very solid reputation for being reliable and committed to feed safety.

Unique chain approach

The strength of our scheme lies in our unique chain approach. GMP+ certified companies do business with companies which are likewise certified. Because all companies work according to the same standards, we create a uniform chain from collection to processing.

Your benefits

Besides contributing to safe feed – and thus safe food – GMP+ certified companies enjoy many other benefits. You get access to our services such as the GMP+ Helpdesk, detailed risk management information and other practical tools to support you in your daily operations. Moreover, your GMP+ certificate opens the door to new business opportunities in a growing number of markets. Registered Consultants are available to guide you through your application process or to maintain your certification. Lastly, the GMP+ Academy is there to refresh your knowledge on feed safety.


The GMP+ FC scheme has integrated HACCP and is based on ISO 22000 standards.

Independent audits

GMP+ certified companies are audited yearly by auditors working for independent Certification Bodies.

Our scheme and legislation

The GMP+ FC scheme is compatible with local and (inter)national legislation but does not replace these. Every company, certified or not, is bound by applicable national/international and local laws on feed safety. In the event that legislation is less strict or in the absence of legislation, the requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme have primacy.

The figure below illustrates our circular approach, in which we work together as a single global community to create a safe and responsible animal feed chain.

GMP+ Community Circle