On this page you will find the documents about the Framework of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020. These documents set out the basic principles of our scheme and feed safety.

The Framework documents relate to the procedures, definitions and the rights and obligations of those concerned. We advise both certified companies and companies considering certification to make sure they are fully informed about the content.

You can recognise Framework documents by the grey cover page and the grey left page margin in the documents themselves. This means you can see at a glance which type of document you are reading. The Framework documents are designated by the letter F

In addition, each page of the Framework documents has the following symbol. This also makes it easy to recognise the document type.

View and download the documents below.
NB: The Framework documents replace the A documents GMP+ FC scheme 2010.

Are you looking for scheme documents in different languages? Various documents are also available in French, Spanish, Italian and Czech.