Countdown has begun - How to transition to GMP+ FC scheme 2020

Be prepared. The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme has been updated - the deadline to switch is approaching.

What’s happening?

The old GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+ FC) scheme 2010 expires on 01 March 2025. All companies need to be certified under the renewed GMP+ FC scheme 2020 before then.

After 1 March 2024, audits using the GMP+ FC scheme 2010 will no longer be performed.

Why is the scheme changing?

The renewed scheme is more flexible, focused on outcomes not processes, and has been developed in partnership with the animal feed sector. 

What do I need to do?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to transition to the GMP+ FC scheme 2020  - we’ve prepared special guidance and documents, and our Helpdesk is here to help.

How long will it take?

It depends on the size of your company and the nature of your work - but while it isn’t difficult to transition, it can take up some time. Once transitioned you can continue to deliver in the GMP+ chain under a more flexible standard.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

From 01 March 2025 your 2010 certification will expire and you will not be able to deliver into the GMP+ feed chain. You can still be certified after this date, but to avoid disruption transition now.

How do I start?

Here are the first steps to take:

  1. Find out what scopes apply to your company.
  2. Follow the recommendations, and make any changes that are right for you.
  3. Prepare for your audit under the new certification.

Need a hand?

Here are some handy resources.

  • Transition procedure
    With this document you can see the actions and time frames for all parties to transition to the GMP+ FC scheme 2020. Available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.

  • List of changes
    With this document you can look at what has changed, and see which changes are relevant for you. Available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.

  • Cross-reference tables
    With this table you can find where in the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 the requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme 2010 are located. Available in English, Dutch and German.

  • Understanding the new standard
    A number of companies are now offering training on the new standard, and what is needed for the transition. Some of this training is available on the GMP+ Academy.

  • GMP+ Help Desk
    You can reach the GMP+ Helpdesk by email, contact form, or an online meeting through Teams, or by telephone on on +31 (0)70 307 41 44  (available weekdays 9:00-17:00 CET). We have colleagues who speak English, French, German, Polish, Dutch,  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
Free e-learning about the principles of the GMP+ FC scheme

In this free e-learning you will get to understand the basis of the GMP+ FC scheme. Go to the GMP+ Academy and start now.

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