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Here you find on- and offline articles from, and about, GMP+ International published in cooperation with our media partners.

 Source: Aquafeed.com,  January, 2020
'Aquafeed participation in GMP+ FSA on the rise'
Source: Kraftfutter, December, 2019
'No feed safety without knowledge and integrity'

Source: De Boerderij, Juni, 2019
'GMP+ International launches simplificed scheme in 2020'

Source: All About Feed (online), Juni, 2019
'Impossible to ensure safe food without safe feed'

Source: All About Feed (online), April 2019
'China is rapidly embracing feed safety'

Source: eFeedlink (online), March, 2019
'China keenly embraces feed safety'

Source: L' alimentation animale, September, 2018 
'Certification GMP+ International : de plus en plus présente en France'


Source: De Molenaar, August, 2018
'Verantwoorde data-uitwisseling'


Source: Allaboutfeed.net, August, 2018
GMP+ International: Feed fraud. How do you deal with it?


Source: Asian Feed Magazine, July 2018
GMP+ International: Feeding a growing world amid climate change


Source: Baomoi.com, March 2018
GMP+ International helps Vietnam in feed safety

Source: Milling & Grain, January 2018
Feed for thought: Celebrating GMP+ International's 25th anniversary


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