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Welcome to our news section. Here you can find the latest news, up to 3 years back, and updates regarding the GMP+ feed scheme, feed market news and more. Older newsletters are available upon request.

30 March 2020
Share your analysis result in the GMP+ Monitoring database
30 March 2020
Improvement plans ensure refining of multiple projects
26 March 2020
#ProjectGMP+2020 started in December 2018 and a lot of work has been done recently with the Working Group.
19 March 2020
The COVID-19 (Corona) situation has an enormous impact on us all
17 March 2020
Especially the gatekeeper protocols are harmonised. Now presented in a more structured and uniform way.
13 March 2020
Implications coronavirus GMP+ Community
09 March 2020
Notification of withdrawn GMP+ certificates decided by the Certification Body of the participants
05 March 2020
Events postponed due to coronavirus
03 March 2020
The coronavirus has an impact on audits performed by your Certification Body
03 March 2020
Notification of suspended GMP+ companies, decided by the certification body of the participant.

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