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28 August 2019
Please be aware of companies utilizing an unauthentic GMP+ logo.
21 August 2019
Please be aware of organisations that issue certificates which may raise the impression that your company is GMP+ certified
01 July 2019
GMP+ B4, the final implementation date requirement for combination vehicles postponed
14 June 2018
Voluntary add-on unannounced surveillance audit is re-installed as of June 4th 2018
21 February 2018
Reliable laboratory analyses are crucial for a strong and trustworthy feed safety chain.
07 September 2017
On September 29th 2017, a migration of our Chainpoint servers will be implemented.
31 August 2017
We are happy to announce in our 25th Anniversary year to have accepted our 32nd Certification Body, LL-C Certification from the Czech Republic.
15 August 2017
Recently GMP+ International has observed in three individual cases that a GMP+ certi-ied participant (certified for the scope “Trade in Feed”) has not been audited on-site by the GMP+ accepted Certification Body.
13 April 2017
There appears to be some discussion about how to interpret the GMP+ clause which requires a strict and complete physical separation in the factory.
30 March 2017
It was pointed out to GMP+ International that the requirements referring to the production of GMP+ feed must be strict and complete physical and organizational separated from the production of non GMP+ feed, food and nonfeed/nonfood products is clearly defined.

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