Feed Support Products (FSP)

31 January 2019
Have you noticed the asterixis and related footnotes in the Risk Assessments??
12 July 2018
A number of (new) feed materials with associated risk assessments have been approved and included in the FSP.
06 April 2018
Feed Support products (FSP) Newsletter 2018 no. 1
21 December 2017
Feed Support products (FSP) Newsletter 2017 no. 4
30 November 2017
Changes in BA1 “Specific feed safety limits” and “FAQ residues of pesticides” has been updated
27 July 2017
Intended for: users GMP+ Monitoring database
27 July 2017
Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2017 no. 3
19 July 2017
GMP+ International published proposed changes to the GMP+ FSA module on the website.

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