GMP+ FC Scheme (FSA, FRA)

22 February 2018
Together with other collaborating scheme holders, GMP+ International has drawn up new requirements for the size of the so-called laboratory sample.
22 February 2018
The GMP+ FC Standard has been accepted by
15 January 2018
GMP+ International wants your opinion about a new GMP+ Country Note regarding Vietnam.
09 January 2018
In 2014 it was decided to phase out the standard GMP+ B6 Cultivation of feed materials.
09 January 2018
The feed safety limits for Enterobacteriaceae are amended.
01 January 2018
Both companies and certification bodies have asked to clarify the GMP+ requirements on the certification of sites.
20 December 2017
Aflatoxin B1 in maize(-products): Change in Risk Profile for Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine
19 December 2017
Temporary mutual recognition between OQUALIM, AIC, GMP+ International, OVOCOM and QS effective as from 1st of January 2018
19 December 2017
Please be aware of companies utilizing an unauthentic GMP+ certificate.
30 November 2017
Intended for GMP+ certified companies and certification bodies

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