GMP+ FC Scheme (FSA, FRA)

15 September 2017
We would like to alert you to a company of which we have learned that they act with an unauthentic GMP+ certificate.
31 August 2017
QM-Milch uses the database of GMP+ and QS for the overview of all QM-Milch accepted producers of and traders in feed.
27 July 2017
Ovocom, AIC, QS and GMP+ International have concluded that in the recent weeks significant progress has been made in achieving a mutual recognition with the French CSA/GTP standard.
13 July 2017
Publication revised GMP+ A1 General Regulation and GMP+ A5 GMP+ Feed Certification scheme Licentie Overeenkomst
29 June 2017
Over the past year, various changes, contributed by participants, have been addressed in the relevant subcommittees and in the International Expert Committee.
29 June 2017
On May 4th of 2017, the first result of the collaboration between Oqualim (France) and GMP+ International was presented during the annual meeting of Oqualim in Paris.
29 June 2017
FSSC 22000 and GMP+ International enter into a worldwide, strategic partnership to serve food companies which also produce by-products for use in the manufacture of animal feedstuffs.
29 June 2017
Stichting PLUIMED and GMP+ International have signed a collaboration agreement. PLUIMNED is the scheme holder of IKB Kip.
16 June 2017
Today we introduce an entirely new type of D document; a certification guidance.

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