12 December 2017
We take great pride when we look back at our very successful and energizing 25th anniversary conference last November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
01 December 2017
The battle against ‘short-sighted and selfish financial gain’
01 December 2017
‘It is about intrinsic motivation’
30 November 2017
Changes in BA1 “Specific feed safety limits” and “FAQ residues of pesticides” has been updated
30 November 2017
Intended for GMP+ certified companies and certification bodies
17 November 2017
The Iranian feed industry shows a serious interest in upgrading its feed safety control.
17 November 2017
Change in risk profile country Canada
09 November 2017
A summary of the GMP+ International 25th Anniversary Conference
01 November 2017
If we look at the future, a stable, safe and reliable global food chain is not only desirable, it is necessary to overcome the major challenges of the coming decades.
31 October 2017
Feed safety scheme holders in Europe, unite to harmonize

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