25 February 2019
GMP+ FSA certification is useful to comply with the US Food Safety Modernization Act substantially.
07 February 2019
There have been several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF. Please find here further information about the changes.
01 February 2019
Aflatoxin B1 in maize(-products): Change in Risk Profile for Slovakia.
31 January 2019
Have you noticed the asterixis and related footnotes in the Risk Assessments??
31 January 2019
GMP+ International invests in the future
30 January 2019
Due to draught in 2018, the water level of rivers and canals in Northwest Europe were extremely low.
29 January 2019
Intended for: GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies.
15 January 2019
Once again Feed scheme owner GMP+ International has found a partnership with a Good Agriculture Practice system manager and a food association.
14 January 2019
Please keep in mind that starting July 1st 2019 GMP+ FSA certified companies must use a registered laboratory for the analysis on critical contaminants.

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