31 October 2017
Changes in the GMP+ requirements first up for Public Consultation
19 October 2017
Aflatoxin B1: changes in risk profiles countries the Ukraine and Slovakia
19 October 2017
Alertness required: feed fraud is dangerous and costly
17 October 2017
GMP+ International celebrates anniversary with international conference.
11 October 2017
Both companies and certification bodies have asked to clarify the GMP+ requirements on the certification of sites.
05 October 2017
GMP+ International and SecureFeed work together on the best feed Safety assurance and prevent double work
28 September 2017
There was a time, until well into the eighties, in which the question where fish and animal feed came from, didn’t play a big role.
28 September 2017
GMP+ International & QualimaC Collaborate for Spain
28 September 2017
Overview of the EWS notifications January through August 2017
28 September 2017
Producing More With Less; The Increasing Need for True Sustainability

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