18 May 2017
Assurance of feed safety begins with precaution. Ad hoc measures that counter new incidents as they occur undermine the business continuity.
18 May 2017
GMP+ International certification continues to grow and has recently welcomed its 16,000th GMP+ FSA certified company.
01 May 2017
Recently, FSSC22000 and GMP+ International agreed to enter into a world-wide strategic partnership.
13 April 2017
This newsletter is focused purchase conditions GMP+ certified compa-nies have to implement when buying insects and insect products as a feed material.
13 April 2017
As a result of the evaluation of the available analysis results of Aflatoxin B1 in maize GMP+ International adjusted the risk profile for Aflatoxin B1.
13 April 2017
In Europe it is allowed to use insects and insect products in feed. The companies who produce these insects and insect products are producers of feed materials.
13 April 2017
There appears to be some discussion about how to interpret the GMP+ clause which requires a strict and complete physical separation in the factory.
10 April 2017
There have been agreed several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, GTP, AIC, Gafta and AMA). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF.
30 March 2017
It was pointed out to GMP+ International that the requirements referring to the production of GMP+ feed must be strict and complete physical and organizational separated from the production of non GMP+ feed, food and nonfeed/nonfood products is clearly defined.

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