28 September 2017
GMP+ International launches customer satisfaction survey
15 September 2017
As a result of the evaluation of the available analysis results of Aflatoxin B1 in maize, GMP+ International, together with other accepted scheme holders, has adjusted the risk profile for Aflatoxin B1.
15 September 2017
We would like to alert you to a company of which we have learned that they act with an unauthentic GMP+ certificate.
07 September 2017
On September 29th 2017, a migration of our Chainpoint servers will be implemented.
31 August 2017
QM-Milch uses the database of GMP+ and QS for the overview of all QM-Milch accepted producers of and traders in feed.
31 August 2017
We are happy to announce in our 25th Anniversary year to have accepted our 32nd Certification Body, LL-C Certification from the Czech Republic.
31 August 2017
The production of safe feed is a shared responsibility of all parties in the chain across the globe.
31 August 2017
After several months of meeting, Beijing Feed Industry Association (BFIA) and GMP+ International signed its first ever Memorandum of Understanding on the 12th July 2017.
15 August 2017
Recently GMP+ International has observed in three individual cases that a GMP+ certi-ied participant (certified for the scope “Trade in Feed”) has not been audited on-site by the GMP+ accepted Certification Body.
27 July 2017
Ovocom, AIC, QS and GMP+ International have concluded that in the recent weeks significant progress has been made in achieving a mutual recognition with the French CSA/GTP standard.

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