29 February 2016
On Thursday 11th of February GMP+ International organized already for the 4th time a seminar during the annual Agro Animal Tradeshow in Kiev.
24 February 2016
Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2016 no. 2
24 February 2016
During a Latin America tour in November 2015, we noticed the overall improvements made in the Peruvian fishmeal sector.
12 February 2016
During a workshop in Bologna (Italy) on November 26th 2015, the Coun-try Note Italy (GMP+ BCN-IT) was introduced.
09 February 2016
With 147 EWS notifications divided across EWS cases, GMP+ International faced a signifi-cant increase in the number of EWS notifications compared to 2014 (75). The number of warnings sent to GMP+ participants was significantly less (17) than the 45 warnings in 2014.
01 February 2016
Since 1-10-2015 the so-called ‘positive declaration’ is in effect. For GMP+ certified suppli-ers this means that GMP+ assured feed must be mentioned as such.
01 February 2016
Today an extension of the BCN-CN1 for one year has been published on the website of GMP+ International.
01 February 2016
In Peru almost all GMP+ FSA certified companies are involved in the fishmeal and oil sector. Peru is the biggest provider of fishmeal and fish oil with a market share of about 1/3 globally.

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