16 June 2016
Properly functioning weighing and dosage equipment is extremely important in the pro-duction of feed. It is important to check frequently whether this equipment is still weigh-ing or dosing sufficiently accurate.
09 June 2016
Late 2014, GMP+ International introduced the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance module (GMP+ FRA) within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Reason for this was the demand of the dairy sector and from the pig and poultry sector in the Netherlands.
06 June 2016
Since March 2016 AMA-Marketing is an official member of the ICRT. AMA-Marketing is the owner of the pastus quality assurance system. The Austrian organisation, which is located in Vienna, is the eighth member of the ICRT-committee.
04 June 2016
Following user experiences and questions, we have gathered a number of tips for you, regarding the use of the GMP+ Monitoring database.

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