26 September 2016
GMP+ International is continuously aiming to improve the quality and integrity of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. After a recent risk evaluation GMP+ International will take some actions regarding certain fats & oils products on short term, which is explained below.
21 September 2016
On the 8th of September 2016 you were informed by a newsletter that GMP+ Interna-tional published a new set of C-documents (GMP+ C3, GMP+ C6, GMP+ C7 and GMP+ C11) on our website and withdrew the GMP+ C2.
15 September 2016
After evaluation of the Country Note Dioxin monitoring of laying hen feed we have dis-covered that many companies did not comply with the requirement to register the re-sults of analysis in the GMP+ monitoring database.
08 September 2016
As part of HACCP, you carry out a monitoring program, individually or as part of a collec-tive. GMP+ International allows you to manage this monitoring data in the GMP+ Moni-toring database.
08 September 2016
The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme (GMP+ FC scheme) focuses on the safety of feed intended for food-producing animals as part of food safety. An exception thereto is the standard GMP+ B8 Production of and trade in pet foods.
08 September 2016
GMP+ International has worked together intensively with the Subcommittee Certification & Compliance to complete new normative documents for the use of GMP+ Logos and Certification requirements.

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