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Harmonisation meeting in Malaysia

GMP+ auditors are key figures in the GMP+ certification process, they are responsible to verify if GMP+ certified companies comply with the applicable GMP+ requirements to secure feed safety worldwide. This is an important reason to organise an extra international harmonisation meeting for GMP+ auditors in Kuala Lumpur.

GMP+ International believes that it is important to contribute to food safety. This is why feed safety affects us all. Therefore we want to share our knowledge and experiences with GMP+ auditors.

We organise our first international harmonisation meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on March 11th, 2020. This is the day prior to the first official digital GMP+ examination worldwide.

During this meeting, the focus will be on the development of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, sharing knowledge/experiences and especially discussing practical matters. There will also be enough time for asking questions and clarifying your doubts.

The following topics will certainly be discussed:  

  • The new GMP+ BA10 Minimum requirements for purchasing
  • Transport of Feed
  • GMP+ BA4 Minimum requirements sampling and analysis

GMP+ International expects to welcome you all and to make it a very constructive and learning full day.

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