Changed purchasing conditions RTRS credits in GMP+ FRA certification

20 December 2016

In consultation with the Subcommittee Responsible Feed and the International Export Committee, a change has been implemented in the purchasing requirements of the MI102 and MI103. The change relates to purchasing RTRS credits within or outside of the plat-form. The new version of the GMP+ MI102 and GMP+ MI103 documents is available on our web-site, here. The change takes effect as of February 1st 2017.


The purchasing requirements of the MI102 (Responsible Pig and Poultry feed) and MI103 (Responsible dairy feed) state that the RTRS credits can be purchased via the RTRS trading platform (of the Round Table Responsible Soy). In addition, it is possible to purchase RTRS credits from the supplier of soy (outside of the RTRS credit trading platform) without this having to be a GMP+ FRA certified supplier. This has been identified as a risk by the auditors and GMP+ FRA certified companies, because, in uncertified suppliers, there is no verification of whether the purchase of RTRS credits was carried out properly. Although there are no signals that this has actually led to unlawful claims, GMP+ International does not want this risk to remain in the purchasing requirements. For that reason, a change has been implemented in the purchasing requirements regarding the purchase of RTRS credits.

What is no longer allowed?

In the new version of the MI102 and MI103, the purchase of credits from uncertified suppliers outside of the RTRS trading platform is no longer permitted due to the aforementioned reasons.

What is allowed?

Of course, there are plenty of other purchasing options. In this newsletter we will limit ourselves to the supply chain model ‘book & claim’ (use of RTRS credits). These are the purchasing requirements:

  1. You can purchase RTRS credits via the RTRS trading platform. In this, it does not matter whether you purchase these credits (within this platform) from a soy grower, a trading company or any other type of organization. If you purchase from an uncertified supplier within the RTRS trading platform, this is still permitted. The RTRS trading platform offers enough assurance to be sure that the purchased credits have been traded correctly.
  2. You purchase soy that meets the requirements of the GMP+ MI102 or GMP+ MI103. In that case, you purchase soy from a supplier who is certified for the GMP+ MI102 or MI103 (equivalent to your own certification). For the delivery of soy, the supplier purchases the RTRS credits via the RTRS trading platform, and sells the soy to you as soy that ‘meets the requirements of the MI102 or MI103’. This is an interesting option when you need little RTRS credits or if you don’t want / are unable to use the RTRS trading platform.

Example: When you are certified for the GMP+ MI103 and would like to produce feed with soy that meets the purchasing requirements, you can:

- purchase the credits on the RTRS trading platform (from a soy grower, trader or other organization), or;

- purchase soy from a GMP+ MI103 certified supplier that meets the purchasing requirements from the GMP+ MI103. In this case, the supplier purchases the required RTRS credits on your behalf.

These purchasing requirements remain unchanged with regard to the old situation. Other purchasing requirements for the purchase of RTRS soy in accordance with the supply chain models ‘mass balance’ and ‘segregation’ and the purchase of compound feed have not changed either. Only the possibility of purchasing credits (outside of the RTRS credit platform) from a non-certified supplier, is eliminated.

What does this mean for GMP+ FRA certified suppliers?

If you are already using the above-mentioned purchasing options, nothing will change for you. Only when you used to purchase RTRS credits from uncertified suppliers outside of the RTRS trading platform things will change for you. In that case, you will have to start using the RTRS trading platform or start purchasing soy from a supplier who is certified in accordance with the MI102 or MI103.

How does this registration work on the RTRS trading platform?

To purchase credits at the RTRS trading platform, you need an account. You can request this account from the secretariat of RTRS (

New version of the GMP+ MI102 en GMP+ MI103

In addition to the above-mentioned change in the purchasing requirements, a small editorial change has also been implemented in the new version of both documents.  In the old version of the documents, there is reference to the website of the ‘Chain transition group responsible soy’. This website (and organization) no longer exists. The introduction (paragraph 1.3.2) has been adjusted accordingly.

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