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All around the world, GMP+ International stands for Feed Safety Assurance and Feed Responsibility Assurance. We take pride in our products and services and find it important that the GMP+ Community understands which logos can be used and how to use them correctly. Unauthorized use of the GMP+ International logos could mislead, create false impressions, or cause confusion. The following description will explain the rules and regulations regarding the usage of logos owned by GMP+ International.

GMP+ International exclusively grants third parties the right to use a logo by signed agreement. GMP+ International is entitled to withdraw this right at any moment. GMP+ International may, at its discretion, ask the user(s) to remove logos. The use or display of the GMP+ FSA and/or GMP+ FRA logo does not constitute proof that the company is certified. For the validity of the certificate, the GMP+ Company Database should be consulted on the GMP+ International website.

What are the GMP+ International logos?

The policy concerns to the following logos:

The logos can be downloaded below:

Which GMP+ logo can I use?

The use of any GMP+ logo by a third party is ONLY allowed if there is an agreement between the user and GMP+ International. Besides that, a feed company can only use a GMP+ logo when it is addressed in the Certification Agreement between the company and a GMP+ accepted Certification Body.

Unauthorized use of a GMP+ logo can be subject of appropriate legal actions, misuse will be published on and / or result in termination of any collaboration.

How to use the GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA Logos

The trademarks for the GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA logos are registered.
If your company is certified for either GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA, you are entitled to display the GMP+ FSA and / or GMP+ FRA logo under the following conditions:  

  1. On or near the business location, or transport vehicle of the certified company;
  2. On any documents issued by the certified company like letters, invoices, business cards. Documents related to a certain consignment or delivered service only if the delivered products / service are produced / operated under the scope of the GMP+ FSA and/or GMP+ FRA certificate;
  3. On the website of the certified companies and Certification Body.
  4. It is not allowed to use the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance module (GMP+ FSA) Logo on or nearby GMP+ certified (produced) products.
  5. It is allowed to use the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance module (GMP+ FRA) Logo on or nearby GMP+ certified (produced) products.

Make sure that, when you use any GMP+ logo, you do not change, edit or modify the original design. It must always be identical to the original. Besides GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA certified companies, exclusive (scheme) partners can use these logos, but only if GMP+ International granted a sub-license for it.

How to use the GMP+ Registered Consultant logo

The GMP+ Registered Consultant logo may only be used by consultancy companies that have an agreement with GMP+ International according the GMP+ Registered Consultant Regulation.

Restricted use of the GMP+ International company logo

  • The trademarks for the GMP+ International company logo are registered.
  • Use is restricted to the GMP+ International company only. Thereby excluding certified companies, certification bodies, registered consultants and anyone else.
  • Only GMP+ International and National Representatives and approved suppliers can use the GMP+ International logo.
  • All others, such as certified companies, Certification Bodies and registered consultants, or anyone else are not allowed to use GMP+ International’s company logo and trademarks unless specifically mentioned in agreements.

User guidelines: GMP+ International's logo

The following guidelines will help you avoid misusing GMP+ International's logos. GMP+ International and National Representatives may use GMP+ International’s trademarks.
GMP+ International logo

  • Don't use or copy the GMP+ International logo.
  • Don't modify or change the GMP+ International logo.
  • Don't use a modified or changed GMP+ International logo.

Outdated logos: prohibited to use under any circumstances

Don't register "GMP+ International" as, or in, your domain name, website, or company name, e.g.

  • Don't use "GMP+ International" as, or in, your product or service name.
  • Don't say that you, your products or your services are endorsed, approved or certified by ‘‘GMP+ International’’. (Remember, GMP+ International doesn't perform certifications.)
  • Don’t use “GMP+ Academy” as, or in, your name or service name
  • Do refer to GMP+ or GMP+ International in a fair and appropriate way.

Additional information about (the use of) the various GMP+ logos is available in: 
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