From feed to food: one goal, different challenges

GMP+ International and All About Feed’s second webinar in the run up towards the Global Feed Safety Summit 2022 in which one of the highlights will be how consumer and retail power influence the feed chain.

 “From feed to food: one goal, different challenges -
actionable insights from retail, food and feed leaders”.

Wednesday February 3rd, 2021
2.00PM CET



Traditionally the industries understanding of making feed into food boiled down to one issue; how to improve feed & food safety and sustainability. That said, the conscious consumers of today, demand more.

They want sourceability, traceability and transparency. For some in the industry, this needs a novel way of thinking, but on the other hand it offers a great showcase to present how good the feed industry is actually organised when it comes to sustainable and sound production.

For more information about the summit or the pre-summit webinars visit the summit website.