GMP+ Internationals 25th anniversary!

Friday, January 20, 2017

We have a reason for a celebration: this year marks our 25th anniversary!

We are grateful and proud of what we have built in twenty-five years. Without the commitment and input of our participants, employees, partners and all other parties involved, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme could never have become what it is now. A full-fledged scheme that facilitates almost the entire feed chain. That is why this is a festive year for the entire GMP+ Community!

We are active in more than 80 countries, work together with 30 accepted certification bodies, have 32 partners in multiple countries and a lot of partnerships. Over the past couple of years, we have realized an annual growth of ten percent and soon, we will be able to welcome the 16.000th GMP+ certified company.

In the coming months, we will take you on a journey. We will look back on the past 25 years of Feed Safety and we will also turn our eyes to the future.

In November 2017, we will festively celebrate our 25th anniversary.

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