Gatekeeper protocols for the purchase of unprocessed agricultural products

Friday, January 20, 2017

This newsletter is meant to give explanation and background information when you purchase unprocessed agricultural products like grains, (oil)seeds and legumes for use in or as GMP+ feed.

Purchase of unprocessed agricultural products

For the purchase of unprocessed agricultural products two protocols are available:

  • The protocol in GMP+ BA10, Annex 4 gives specific requirements when products are purchased directly from a grower / farmer;
  • The protocol in GMP+ BA10, Annex 5 gives specific requirements when buying the products from, for example, a non-certified collector or non-certified other company in the supply chain.


  • Both protocols are only mandatory to be used by GMP+ feed companies when buying the unprocessed agricultural products like grains, seeds or legumes for use as or use in feed. 
    Note: companies which produce food products are not mandatory to use the protocols. Even when these food producing companies are GMP+ certified for the production of the co-products they produce for use in or as feed. Examples: crushers, flour mills, breweries.
  • The protocol in Annex 4 gives requirements for buying directly from a farmer/grower. Read also our newsletter of January 4th 2017 about Cultivation schemes and GMP+ FC schemes.
  • The protocol in Annex 5 gives requirements for buying from a non-certified supplier (e.g. a collector). Please, keep in mind that this protocol is not mandatory when you buy from a GMP+ certified collector. It is also important to realize that this protocol cannot be applied for buying grains, oilseeds and legumes from certain countries.

The flowchart below gives a few examples to explain how this works for the oil seeds and grain supply chain. Be aware that these are examples! The overview shows when application of GMP+ BA10 Annex 4 of Annex 5 is mandatory and when it’s recommended. 

In case of any doubts or questions you can contact the GMP+ Helpdesk via the contact form.