Changes in GMP+ B1, B1.2, B3.2, BA2, and BCN-NL2 documents

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Over the past year, various changes, contributed by participants, have been addressed in the relevant subcommittees and in the International Expert Committee. In this, the desire of the sector to reduce the number of changes to a minimum, was taken into account. Changes that were actually implemented are necessary to reinforce the assurance of feed safety and to better match the requirements of the GMP+ Feed certification scheme with the daily practice of the participant, or they are the result of the changed feed legislation.

What has changed?


Contents of change

GMP+ B1 (B1.2)

Production, Trade and Services



-       Homogeneity requirements for dry mixtures have been tightened. Reference is now made to concrete limits included in the GMP+ BA2.

-       Several textual (translation) corrections.


GMP+ B3.2

Trade to livestock farms

Paragraph  6.4


Requirements relating to the positive declaration, as included in the GMP+ BA6, also apply to intermediaries.



Control of residues

Chapter 6


-       Methods of homogeneity measurements and limits for homogeneity of dry mixtures have been added.

-       Several incorrect references have been adjusted.


Dioxin monitoring in laying Hens (rearing) feeds

Paragraph  4.2


Frequency of dioxin analysis is reduced by 50%


The revised versions of the documents are available on our portal, here.

If you would like to know how a change is established, you can find a description of the entire procedure in Procedure for Development of the GMP+ FC scheme

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