International Union of Railways (UIC) new partner of GMP+ International

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Motivated to involve all sectors in the whole feed supply chain, GMP+ International welcomes International Union of Railways as a chain partner to represent the railway transport sector in our expert group.

GMP+ Partnership Goal

Involving stakeholders in the feed & food chain in decision making process will result in support and commitment from various industries within the chain towards the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Moreover, this partnership enables GMP+ International to develop market oriented products and services that will benefit the whole feed chain industry.

Welcome Union of International railways (UIC)

With over 200 members worldwide, UIC’s mission is to promote rail transport globally and to respond effectively to current and future challenges relating to mobility and sustainable development in the sector. UIC facilitates all forms of international cooperation among members and promotes sharing best practices. This is one of the motivations why UIC entered into partnership with GMP+ International.

As UIC we noticed that several of our members are GMP+ FSA certified. Since railway transport is different in details compared to other transport modes, we feel it is our obligation to provide not a only a safe transport but also a safe transport of feed by rail. UIC combines a lot of technical expertise on transport on rail and we are willing to share this knowledge with GMP+ International. Especially on interfaces between different mode on transports and railway to continuously work on the improvement of feed safety, particularly in further development of standards for cleaning, autonomous driving, unaccompanied transports and all additional services connected to transport. “says Stefan Hackl, Head of UIC Study Group Quality & Management System and Department Manager Continuous Improvement Rail Cargo Group

We are glad we have a partnership with UIC, we can now closely collaborate with railway worldwide. We are aware that railway transport is becoming more and more important in transporting commodities for the feed and production. One of our core values is together, therefore, it is important for us that each stakeholder including the railway sector in the chain would come forward to share their expertise in the development and improvement of the GMP+ requirement. UIC’s presence would definitely bring a lot of improvement in our standard to support companies.Commented Johan den Hartog, Managing Director

We want you in!

Currently, GMP+ International has almost 50 Chain Partners from all the world and we continue to seek more collaboration. If you are interested to become a partner, please contact Olyn San Miguel from our Business Development department.