Reshaping GMP+ Academy

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Knowledge about Feed Safety Management is a key point for the future of the feed business internationally. This was emphasized during the international GMP+ 25 years anniversary conference in Amsterdam, November 2017.

At this moment, the transfer of knowledge takes place by giving access to information and incidentally trainings are being offered, for example via the GMP+ Academy. However, for several reasons it is time to start a new way of knowledge transfer: 

  • To Increase the level of knowledge of involved parties, reducing the risk for Feed Safety.
  • To maintain the knowledge: new developments, insights, studies on Feed Safety need to be adopted by relevant target audiences.
  • There is an increasing demand for feed safety knowledge from companies outside North West Europe.
  • Specific target groups have specific demands. This requires a customized approach.
  • The GMP+ Community demands a professional approach with leading institutes and organizations on Feed Safety. This approach and cooperation with knowledge institutions needs to be further developed.

Knowledge transfer needs to become more integrated, structured and pro-actively planned than it has been before. Therefore, we decided to investigate the market needs and restructure the GMP+ Academy. Program manager for this development is Hans Lodders, who specialized in setting up new organizations with a focus on Talent Development and Knowledge Sharing. Together with Ilse van Dijk, a Learning & Development professional, they are the key-members of the team.

Right now, we are in the phase of investigating the needs of (potential) customers. We do this by interviewing several stakeholders such as consultants and companies. The next one and a half year will be used to structure the academy using a lean start up model. This also means early next year we will launch a pilot e-learning, using participants experiences to optimize the training offer. We will keep you informed.