Please be aware of companies misusing the GMP+ FSA certificate

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Despite a process certificate indicating that the company displayed here below is GMP+ certified for Production of premixtures, feed additives and feed materials, trade in premixtures, feed additives, feed materials and compound feed, GMP+ International would like to express that this company is not GMP+ Certified: 

  • Hsc Chemical
    Marowijne 57
    3315PD Dordrecht
    The Netherlands

Their aforementioned certificate seems to be issued by a GMP+ accepted certification body; however, the GMP+ accepted certification assured GMP+ International that this was not the case. , As a consequence the certificate is invalid and the products they supply are not GMP+ assured.

It is important to note that the GMP+ company database is always in lead with regards of the certification status of companies.

In doubt? 
Always consult the 
GMP+ company database to check whether a company you are doing business with is truly GMP+ certified. This prevents you from facing corporate damages.

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