Early Warning System

If you detect (possibly) unsafe feed, please report it via the EWS report form. Together we can prevent consequential damage for your company and the chain (as much as possible). Safe feed is and remains a joint responsibility.

What is the Early Warning System?

Feed safety is still in the hands of humans. Things can go wrong. In that case, the Early Warning System (EWS) forms an important safety net that’s helps limit the extent of, or mitigate a (potential) problem at an early stage with the help of adequate measures.

When do I submit an EWS report?

Use the decision tree to assess whether there is an imminent situation. All requirements regarding the obligation to make an EWS report are described in the GMP+ BA5 Minimum Requirements for an Early Warning System (EWS).

How do I submit an EWS report?

You can report risks and (imminent) calamities in feed via the EWS report form. It is also possible to complete the form via Word and send it to ews@gmpplus.org or forward the form of your competent authority to ews@gmpplus.org.

What happens after a report is submitted?

After submission, GMP+ International makes an initial estimate. GMP+ International will contact you to discuss whether follow-up actions are needed or to indicate that a case can be closed. All information is treated confidentially. When the situation does not seem to be under control, GMP+ International publishes an EWS warning to inform companies about this, in consultation with the reporter.

Where to find EWS warnings?

We communicate an EWS warning via a GMP+ Alert mailing. The actual EWS warning can be found on the "GMP+ Portal" and is only visible for GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies.

What does an EWS warning contain?

The warning identifies the product concerned, the undesirable substance(s) and detected value(s), as well as the country of origin. Details of the relevant company are only published in very exceptional situations.

Even when a situation is under control, GMP+ International can still decide to publish the warning. This allows certified companies to learn from such situations. To prevent similar cases in the future.

Frequently asked questions about EWS are included in a FAQ document . If your question is not listed, please contact the GMP+ Helpdesk.

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