Feed Fraud prevention

What is feed fraud?

Feed fraud is the fraudulent addition of non-authentic substances or fraudulent removal or replacement of authentic substances. Fraud is an important source of risks that can affect the safety of food and feed. Also because fraud undermines the system that was particularly established to ensure that safety. The GMP+ Community acknowledges the necessity to focus on this issue and to act accordingly.

How can feed fraud impact my business and feed safety?

When intentional and economically motivated adulterations happen in the feed chain, it affects our business.

  • It undermines our assurance of safety of feed and food
  • It affects the integrity of your products and business
  • It leads to a bad reputation and reduced confidence
  • It results in loss of clients and less sales 

How can I prepare my company

It starts with getting insights into the vulnerability for fraud of your company and products. Make a vulnerability assessment to get these insights

  • Encourage reports and conversation on fraud (open culture)
  • Know the standard (price, quality, levels, etc.)
  • Deviations can be a signal of fraud
  • Act adequate on signals
  • Know what to do and who’s responsible to act

How can GMP+ International help me?

We take the topic of feed fraud very serious. Together with a group of experts in food/feed fraud, like food authenticity professor Saskia van Ruth Wageningen UR, we have developed a document with information and supporting tools to act on feed fraud. This includes a questionnaire on feed fraud to get the insights into the vulnerability of your company and products And there is also a document with suggestion for possible control measures to control the feed fraud vulnerabilities or detect fraud at an early stage.

Get more insight in Feed Fraud Prevention       Try the questionnaire       Check the list how to control the vulnerabilities

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