Feed Support Products

GMP+ International shares valuable knowledge about feed safety with certified companies through our Feed Support Products (FSP). This is a source of information that benefits everyone in the feed chain.

What are Feed Support Products?

Feed Support Products (FSP) provide, among other things, valuable and up-to-date information about potentially high-risk feed. Most FSP information can be found via the 'GMP+ portal'. The GMP+ Portal is only accessible to GMP+ certified companies. If you do not have access yet, please contact the GMP+ Helpdesk.



A fact sheet is a collection of scientific information about undesirable substances and processing aids. The information can be used to handle these products in a controlled manner. Not only are undesirable substances (hazards) named, it also provides insight into the "why"-question. Why is this substance a hazard? And what is the possible effect on animals or humans?  

Product list 

The product list is the list of all accepted feed materials, which may be produced and traded within the GMP+ chain. 

Hazard report 

A hazard report contains a list of all hazards in feed that consists of multiple feed materials. You have the option to create a combined overview of the hazards of the different feed materials.

Specific feed safety limits 

The specific feed safety limits are the maximum permitted values for undesirable substances in feed. As part of the HACCP system, it is important that for each critical control point (CCP) it is determined with which analysis results of undesirable substances a safe product can still be delivered. In case a different limit is mentioned in the applicable legislation, as described in R 1.0 paragraph 4.1 the strictest limit should be followed. Background studies are available on the same webpage. Including a study on drying of feed.

Risk assessments 

Risk assessments are generic process descriptions of accepted feed materials, including hazards and control measures.

GMP+ Monitoring database

The GMP+ Monitoring database contains analysis results from you and other users. It is possible to generate reports based on this data.

The benefits of FSP

  • Input for your own HACCP system;
  • Insight into potentially risky animal feed and the production thereof;
  • Up-to-date information about possible contamination;
  • Fact sheets with information about undesirable substances and processing aids;
  • Data assessed by independent experts;
  • Insight into a database with analysis results of feed from all over the world..

Working principles

The following (English) document explains the working principles: Working principles of the GMP+ Feed Support Products (FSP).