Feed Support Products

GMP+ International shares valuable knowledge about feed safety with certified companies via Feed Support Products (FSP). This is a source of information that everyone from the feed chain can benefit from.

Feed Support Products
Feed Support Products

How can FSP help you?

  • It provides you with the latest information about possible risky feed
  • Up to date information about possible contaminations
  • Data assessed by independent experts
  • Data that can be used by feed companies for their own HACCP system

On this website, you can find information about all feed that companies may use in the production or trade of GMP+ assured feed. In addition, information is provided about how certain FSP products can be used by the companies.

A large portion of the FSP information is available on the Portal, this area is only accessible to GMP+ certified companies or prospective participants. If you don’t have access, please contact the GMP+ Helpdesk.

FSP consists of:

  • Fact sheets : this is a collection of scientific information about undesirable substances and technical processing aids. You can use this information to handle these products in a controlled manner. More information about the fact sheets is available here. If you want to review them, please do so via the GMP+ Portal.
  • Product list : This is the list of accepted feed materials that can be produced and traded within the GMP+ chain.  
  • Specific feed safety limits : These are the maximum permitted value(s) of undesirable substances in feed.
  • Risk Assessments : These are generic process descriptions of accepted feed materials, including hazards and control measures.
  • GMP+ Monitoring database : This database contains analysis results of you and other users. It is possible to generate reports based on this data.

Sharing knowledge

Through the FSP, GMP+ International provides in the market need of sharing knowledge. By sharing relevant information, the knowledge level of participating companies is increased. We have found that this leads to improved feed safety. If you have no account (yet) for the GMP+ Portal? Please send an e-mail using the contact form, containing your name, e-mail address and GMP+ registration number. If you have lost your password, please go to ‘Forgot your password ?’.


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