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GMP+ Monitoring database

The GMP+ Monitoring database fits in our ambition to optimize and share knowledge. The database allows participating companies to establish, manage, analyze and share their own monitoring program.

In the GMP+ Monitoring database, certified companies (or groups of certified companies) configure their own space for managing and mutually sharing their analysis results. The GMP+ Monitoring database is part of our Feed Support Products.

Analysis results can be submitted by companies or by laboratories on their behalf. Sharing information is fully anonymous. This decision was made to encourage companies to share as much information as possible, so they can learn from one another. The more information is shared, the more tools certified companies have to improve their HACCP system.

If you do not yet have a login for the database, you can read the manual and information about submitting analysis results via XML/Excel. You can also consult a list of answers to frequently answered questions or watch the instruction video:


Where can I find the GMP+ Monitoring database?

The GMP+ Monitoring database can be consulted when you are logged in on the GMP+ Portal

Portal → Tools → Feed support product & Monitoring database 

If you do not (yet) have an account for the GMP+ Portal? Please send an e-mail via the contact form containing your name, e-mail address and GMP+ registration number. If you have lost your password, please go to ‘Forgot your password’.

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