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Risk assessments

What risks does the production of feed materials involve? The answer to that question is in the risk assessments.

GMP+ has a Productlist of feed materials that have been accepted for use in feed. For every accepted feed material, a generic risk assessment is available. These have been developed in collaboration with the certified companies. If you would like to produce or bring into the GMP+ chain a feed material that is not (yet) in this list, please click here.

Where can I find the risk assessments?

Risk assessments can be consulted when you are logged in on the GMP+ Portal. Where can you find the fact sheets on the portal?

Portal → Tools → Feed support product & Monitoring database → Feed support products → Risk assessments

If you do not (yet) have an account for the GMP+ Portal? Please send an e-mail via the contact form containing your name, e-mail address and GMP+ registration number. If you have lost your password, please go to ‘Forgot your password’.

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