GMP+ Academy

Knowledge about Feed Safety Management is a key point for the future of the feed business internationally. At this moment, the transfer of knowledge takes place by giving access to information and incidentally training is being offered. For several reasons it is time to start a new way of knowledge transfer. 

GMP+ Academy

Start the e-learing here: (works best in Google Chrome)

  • To increase the level of knowledge of involved parties;
  • To maintain the knowledge: new developments, insights, studies on Feed Safety need to be adopted by relevant target audiences;
  • There is an increasing demand for feed safety knowledge from companies outside North West Europe;
  • Specific target groups have specific demands. This requires a customized approach;
  • The GMP+ Community demands a professional approach with leading institutes and organizations on Feed Safety. This approach and cooperation with knowledge institutions needs to be further developed

Follow the new HACCP e-learning 

The GMP+ feed scheme is about risk management in terms of feed safety. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is one of the basics of it. Therefore, GMP+ International wants to supply basic knowledge about HACCP (related to the GMP+ feed certification scheme). Do you want to obtain the knowledge in a way that is easy to process, at any time you want? Follow the newly developed e-learning!

Advantages of the e-learning

The 1st e-learning about HACCP in the feed production industry

  • In less than 20 minutes you:
    • Have an insight what basic HACCP in the feed production industry means
    • Understand the basic principles of the HACCP method within the feed production industry
    • Understand why it is important to use HACCP within your company
  • Developed with independent consultants and auditors with experience from the field
  • Follow the e-learning from your laptop or use a mobile device
  • Receive a certificate of completion

We can offer you the e-learning for a price of €20,-.

At this moment, payments can be done by credit card, iDeal and Paypal. 

The e-learning will take approximately 20 minutes of your time, try it now!