GMP+ Academy

Everyone, no matter where in the world, should have access to safe food. It is our mission to deploy a feed certification scheme that makes it easier for companies to contribute to safe feed. To keep our scheme and community up-to-date, we gather valuable information regarding feed safety assurance and share it worldwide.

Challenges for the industry

In an increasingly competitive, complex and globalised environment, maintaining feed safety requires more. There is a need to obtain knowledge, yet needs differ widely, and financial and time recourses are limited. Our community knows the importance of knowledge – and challenged us to facilitate.

the new GMP+ Academy is online now

The new online GMP+ Academy platform actively gathers and shares knowledge with our worldwide feed safety community. Through training, webinars, e-learning materials, video’s, events, databases, fact sheets, news and more, the GMP+ Academy platform raises the knowledge level within the sector. The GMP+ Academy is a collaboration of GMP+ International and renowned training institutes.

It is open to all professionals in the feed chain: companies, teams, individual employees and Registered Trainers and Consultants.

Through a multi-channel and interactive approach, professionals in the feed chain can not only learn together, but also from each other. A practical angle allows for immediate applicability. And with both global and regional events, we ensure knowledge is always useful for your situation.

By securing feed safety knowledge, the GMP+ Academy plays a vital part in our shared goal of Feed Safety Worldwide.

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