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Mutual Recognition

GMP+ certified companies can only purchase products and services from parties that are also GMP+ (or equivalently) certified.

Feed production
Feed production

QS Database

To assure permanent transparency throughout the entire supply chain within the QS scheme, every GMP+ certified company that wishes to deliver into the QS scheme, must register in the QS database. This also applies for GMP+ traders, transport companies and storage companies that, until now, were exempt from this obligation. As a result of an automatic transfer of data from the QS database to the GMP+ Company database, QS certified companies that choose to deliver products or services to GMP+ certified companies are automatically published in the GMP+ company database. For the QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures, a registration fee applies. For this reason, QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures, must fill out an application form with their billing information.

Via this link you'll find a manual about how to register in the QS database. 

The QS certified companies authorized to deliver within the GMP+ FC scheme, are published under the tab 'Other certification schemes', 'Qualität und Sicherheit' in the GMP+ company database.

pastus+ Database
Publication of GMP+ certified companies in the ​pastus+ database
With reference to GMP+ A1 ‘General regulations’, article 11.1, feed companies can make use of this mutual agreement starting right away.
A GMP+ certified company that wants to make use of the mutual recognition for delivering into the pastus+ chain. The pastus+ registration form is available at the pastus+ homepage (www.pastus.at). A special contract needs to be concluded and the GMP+ company will be listed on the pastus+ website in the roster of companies, that are allowed to deliver. An annual fee needs to be paid.

Publication of ​pastus+ certified companies in the GMP+ company database
A pastus+ company can make use of this mutual agreement for delivering into the GMP+ chain starting right away and be registered in the GMP+ company database. For this, the company needs to fill in this registration form. Also, pastus+ companies making use of this agreement will be invoiced according to the GMP+ fee system (See GMP+ C4 Tariff).

Note: due to migration of the current database and website to a new portal, for the time being the company will be listed on a PDF-file. In due time, the company will be registered in the new GMP+ company database. Find the pastus+ conditions here.

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